Aisha and Rosie

In her professional life Aisha is an Associate Professor at the University of Leeds. In her personal life Aisha is very fond of boats, plays the tuba and the flute (but not simultaneously) and likes to crochet.

More information about Aisha's research and teaching can be found on her university webpage and on her academic blog
Rosie in a boxRosie was rescued in 2010 when she was about eight weeks old after being abandoned in a skip. She has an adopted younger brother, Charlie, another rescue cat, who joined the family in 2013 and who completely fails to respect Rosie's status as senior cat in the household. Rosie loves to snuggle on or under a crocheted blanket and she cannot resist boxes.
Why 'Cosy Rosie'?When Aisha sits on her big papasan chair to crochet, Rosie comes to sit on her lap, especially if there is a warm granny blanket. Rosie is not usually a lap cat but when it comes to a bit of cosy crochet... she's there!