Ripple cushion

Ripple cushion on sofa This cushion seems to have been a work in progress forever.  I was working on it in the car on the way to the Hot Aire weekend in Whitby and my husband asked , “Is that very difficult?  Because you’ve been doing it for a long time.” My answer was , “No, but it’s very boring.”  After I had finished and chucked the cushion on the sofa he said “That’s a cushion?  I thought it was a blanket for Lydia’s baby!”  Of course, the blanket was finished several months ago but he hadn’t noticed.

Nonetheless, although I loved the colours and loved them more as I came towards the end of the cushion cover, I found working the ripples rather tedious.  Partly this was because I could only work on it at home or as a car passenger; the project wasn’t quite small enough for the daily commute.  Ripples are rhythmic, soothing and all that but biggish stripy projects are not for me.  I don’t mind hooking a hundred squares and then putting them together and doing borders; the frequent colour changes on the squares keep my interest and in the joining/border stages I can see the finished work.  I’m happy with the completed cushion but I don’t think I will be doing another ripple stripe in the near future.

The cushion cover was made from Jarol Heritage DK on a 4mm hook using the Attic24 Neat Ripple Pattern.  The cushion pad is from The Wool Room.  I’m tired of cheap cushions that go flat as soon as you sit on them so hope that this will keep its integrity!

Baby ripple: the photo

Baby ripple blanket So… it’s a bright sunny day, the spare bed is extended (waiting for the sheets to be changed) and here is a photo of the complete baby ripple blanket.  It’s made with the Neat Ripple Pattern from Attic24.  I blocked it which has evened up the edges and generally given a neater finish.  The blocking is not perfect as I did it in sections on the ironing board but it has still made a huge difference.

I’m in the middle of marking so I guess I’d better get on with that before changing those sheets!

Baby ripple blanket

baby ripple in progresssThe baby ripple blanket is finished although I am not happy with the photographs that I have taken so this one of the work in progress will have to do for now. The light in my house is not very good for photographs and the pictures really don’t show the colours well. Although I love the colours I found that I got bored with the stripes. Next time, maybe I will use more colours but although it’s a good make for a baby, I don’t see myself making an adult-sized ripple blanket. However, I have plenty of yarn left over from the world-traveller blanket which I think would ripple into a lovely cushion. Next time I make striped crochet I will use a larger-sized hook for the foundation chain as the chain was a bit tighter than the first stripe. The border was a bit of a problem and I tried three different designs before settling on a row of lime trebles followed by a row of teal doubles with a row of pink doubles to finish. I had rather a lot of ‘help’ from Rosie whilst making this blanket so it needs a wash before going to its new home.

The blanket is made from three 100g balls of Wilkinson’s ‘Yarnfair’ acrylic DK (with very little left over).