charlie got toothache

Charlie the cat curled up asleepcharlie is at the vet because he has to have a tooth taken out

silly boy

i told him not to eat chocolate and to clean his teeth

he has been very quiet lately and not eating his food which means more for me

i think quiet is good because is not trying to fight with me

he will be home tonight

i bet they give him special food

i want special food too but not if i have to have toothache first



shes been knitting thats why she hasnt been posting

i told her it says crochet at the top but she doesnt listen just click click clack


now shes made one of these paw covers so shes going to have to make another one

honestly humans are nothing but trouble

busy by rosie

Rosie Cat sleeping in the sunshinedont bother me i have a lot on today

its been hard work since charlie came back he is still a pain and i had to cuff him this morning

he was being cheeky

last night i had to come in through one of the upstairs windows just so i could get a good nights rest

but the boy threw me out of his room at 6am


you think he would be more welcoming to a little cat that just wants to curl up in bed with him

so i am really busy today

charlie comes back by rosie

he just walked in through the flap cocky as ever as though he had never been away and they made such a big fuss of him

i will have to make more effort to show who is boss cat around here

charlie is missing by rosie

Charlie Cat in a suitcasei know i said in my previous post that charlie is a pain and it is true

but the night before last he did not come home

he was not here for breakfast yesterday morning

and he didnt come home last night either

they are worried about him

and i dont like it either

i dont feel comfortable eating my food when charlie is not here

even though he is a pain

i hope he comes home soon


of mice and me by rosie

shoe cupboardme and charlie are the cats in this house but i told charlie that it says rosie on the top of this blog


so they went away for a week and left that neighbour gill to look after us she thinks we are sweet and i say she can come again

but we were still pleased to see them when they came back and decided to catch them a nice little mouse to play with

charlie is a real pain but he is good at catching mice

then stupid charlie lost the mouse in the shoe cupboard

it wasnt tidy like this it was a real mess and completely full of junk

they are so untidy

so he couldnt find the mouse because it ran away in all the mess and they saw him trying to find it

so what did they do

they emptied out the stuff and caught the mouse

and then they set it loose outside

i ask you

wasting a fun little mouse like that

so the next day i caught them a lovely fat rat

and i killed it for them to show them what to do

and i left it on the kitchen floor

they still werent grateful

there is no pleasing some people

still it forced them to tidy the shoe cupboard so it is easier to play in

and it makes a change from crochet