Preparing for competition

Garforth Band jackets In a moment of extreme folly I responded to a call for help from Garforth Brass who needed an additional Eb Bass player for the Yorkshire Brass Band Championships. I’ve never before played in a brass band competition; in fact, this is the first time that I have ever held a band registration card. After several weeks of intense rehearsals (although I’ve had to miss many) the test piece is as good as it can be. In fact, tonight’s final rehearsal was fantastic! 4 Bars Rest reckons Garforth is the dark horse of the third section but I just hope that we play well (and that I am not the person who plays a dreadful wrong note). Wish us luck!


New musicI am ridiculously excited today because I ordered this music a couple of weeks ago and it has arrived!  This is for a small band at work called ‘Some Success’.  Most of our music is home-arranged but for once I decided to splash out and buy some.  Can’t wait for the next rehearsal!

Sharing the wave

Meeting, greeting
Expectations, explanations
Who knows where we’re going?
Warming, storming
Music forming
Into Stillness
Flowing, growing,
Rounded, grounded,
Stretching reaching,
Moulding, unfolding.
The bridge
Faster, louder
Bass beat djembe
Rattle and scatter
Shriek and squeak
Drums hold the world.
The wild, the world
The wild, the world
The wild, the world.
The dance skips along
Lightsome, flightsome,
Sparkle and brightsome,
Frolic and caper
And reach to the sun.
Lower and slower,
Ringing, singing,
Single tones linger.
Stillness comes.
Calm descends.
Movement ends