Happy this week

Granny squares in progress

  • After a break of more than 20 years, I have taken up crochet again.  In any case, I’d never made granny squares.  This work-in-progress is a blanket of 80 squares and I am over half-way through assembling the blanket.  It’s full of mistakes but the next one will be better!
  • One of my colleagues wears Chanel perfume and whenever she visits my room she leaves it beautifully scented.
  • On Thursday I attended an ‘agenda-setting’ workshop on multimodal and digital methodologies organised by the MODE node of the National Centre for Research Methods.  During the day, people presented their work and this was followed by a mapping of issues in multimodal and digital research.  I felt excited and inspired by the presentations and discussions; the day was intense but happy.  Saying ‘MODE node’ makes me smile, anyway.

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