This week’s blessings

Granny square blanket  This week I am grateful for…

  1. Friends: Last Friday we had a celebration and thanksgiving for Dinah. The crematoriam chapel was so full that people were standing around the edges. The eulogies from friends and family reflected Dinah’s thoughtfulness; her creativity; her sensitivity and her wit. Her coffin was beautiful, made of cream felt with an embroidered  label for her name and dates.  Dinah had chosen music that expressed not only her personality (“I was Born under a Wandering Star”) but sent her final messages( “The Rose”). Also, the day provided a chance to catch up with many, many friends
  2. Completion: I finished the crochet blanket that I was making.  It’s full of mistakes but I think it ‘s turned out OK.
  3. Autumn: I don’t remember many autumns that have lasted as long as this one.  There are still traces of green on many trees and even though we have had strong winds recently, trees are holding on to their leaves.  Crimsons and oranges are increasing in intensity and each day contains heart-stopping moments of colour.  When I flew back into Leeds-Bradford a couple of weeks ago every tree seemed to be standing in a little pool of gold.

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