Little leaves

crochet leavesI’m really pleased with myself because I’ve worked out how to make these little leaves to go with my little flowers.  I lookecrochet leaves and flowersd at a couple of online patterns to get an idea of how they might go but in the end worked them out for myself.  The leaves are made from a silky yarn called Sirdar Flirt which is 80% bamboo viscose and 20% wool; I found an odd ball in the remnant bin of a local shop.  I’m liking this yarn not only because it feels smooth because the leaves lie flat whereas I suspect that the flowers will benefit from blocking.

2 thoughts on “Little leaves

  1. I came over from attic24 where I saw your very polite comment asking about cruelty free wool. It was nice to see that concern. I don’t think enough people care about where their yarn comes from. Not all merino is cruel in production but lots is. Much merino comes from Australia where mulesing is done. Not all farms use it though many/most still do. I avoid merino to make sure. I believe you can buy cruelty free merino in the UK though, I did have a link but I seem to have lost it.

    You did well with your leaves. It’s a great feeling when you realise you have done enough crochet to understand ‘how’ it works and can start making up your own things. Your flowers are lovely too.

    • Hi Sara, thank you for dropping by and for your comments. I’ve looked at the Debbie Bliss website which doesn’t say anything about whether the yarn is cruelty-free (I know there are problems with cashmere as well as merino). Maybe I should stick to acrylic although it’s not exactly green

      I’m glad you like my flowers and leaves; I am ridiculously proud of them!

      Aisha x

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