Scissors for a friend

Scissorsm flower and card My friend Gilli,  who rebooted my crochet, is having a BIIIIIG birthday – one with a 0 on the end – so I have made this little gift from my flowers and leaves. I’ve blocked the flower (using the steam method developed by Lucy at Attic24) and I think it makes a difference. The card was bought at Yarndale with just this birthday in mind but I didn’t plan how well the flower and card would go together. Once again, I have used baby nail scissors; these are from Boots and I think they are prettier than the Tommee Tippee ones. They are also flat whereas the Tommee Tippee scissors are curved. Gilli is flying to the USA soon and will be able to take these on the plane for non-stop crochet.

My Mother taught me that it is unlucky to give scissors or knives; you may cut the relationship.  Instead, the scissors must be purchased by the recipient so Gilli bought her birthday gift for 20p.

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